In-Product Intelligence

Your customers expect your software to include contextually relevant help. Coveo enables you to deliver the right information, directly within the product they're using, the moment it's needed.

In-Product Intelligence
In-Product Intelligence

Help your customers help themselves

Your customers don't have time to waste. Coveo's AI-powered in-product intelligence ensures that they don't have to leave to find what they're looking for and can predict what information they'll need next to keep them engaged.


Unify support resources from within your product

Coveo connects your customers to helpful information like documents, videos, how-to guides and more, to make sure they get real-time support without ever having to leave.

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Learn what customers really need

Coveo Usage Analytics gives you deep insight into what your customers are looking for and the help you need. Using this insight can guide future product enhancements and an exceptional end-to-end experience.

Usage Analytics

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