Provide relevant support right within your product

Help your end users find success on their own with embedded product support and recommendations.

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Product-led growth needs in-app support.

The product is not just a part of the customer experience. For a subscription-based business, it is the experience. And when you rely upon the product itself to drive acquisition, conversion and retention, every interaction must aim to make it more useful and engaging for its users.

Surface help from the inside-out.

Given the choice, customers prefer to help themselves. So bring support inside the product, so users can ask for and receive help without leaving your web application. It reduces friction, increases convenience and creates greater continuity.

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Guide users throughout their journey.

Support is more than break and fix. It increases the likelihood that a user is successful with your product. Whether they’re a habitual user coming back for advanced knowledge or exploring a product for the first time, contextual guidance can be just what you need to grow adoption. Deliver information in context, reduce friction and discourage drop-off.


We’re looking at the Coveo platform to help on both sides of those dimensions of being data-driven and customer experience-driven.

Peter Cook
VP, Digital Transformation, F5

Connect the high-tech with the high-touch.

Support is a continuum. And targeted in-app support is not supposed to completely replace one-to-one interactions. When used in conjunction with assisted service, it can help agents better target their effort which leads to faster resolution times. Empower your service teams with a better understanding of the user journey, from product usage to support request.

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It's as simple as adding one line of code.

Implementation is easy. Simply add the code snippet to your web application of choice, and then manage changes in the experience right from within Coveo. Help is no longer static, support is no longer siloed, intelligence is built-in. It’s just one line of code for developers and one click for everyone else.

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