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Unified AI-Powered Search and Recommendations in the B2B Commerce Cloud and Community Cloud

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Deliver search experiences that drive more revenue and lower costs

Provide your customers with the buying experience they demand and increase your conversions and average order value.

Drive more sales by elevating the buyer experience

Coveo for Salesforce B2B Commerce redefines eCommerce search and recommendations. Weave Coveo’s proven principles of personalization into your buyers’ journeys, providing search experiences that speak to their business needs. Deliver product recommendations tailored to your buyers’ intent that increase your average order value by creating compelling cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

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Empower your buyers through a connected storefront

Today's digital landscape is distributed across an array of touchpoints. Bridge organizational and technology silos and let your buyers access content directly in your storefront. Coveo stitches together buyer data and information from your B2B eCommerce catalog and from your entire ecosystem of knowledge, including your PIM, Salesforce Knowledge and Chatter. Take your digital maturity to the next level and quickly benefit from Coveo’s wide range of out-of-the-box, highly-usable connectors and feature-rich interface components.
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Enhance catalog discovery and product findability

The complexity of B2B catalogs can make it difficult for buyers to find what they want. Harness the power of Coveo Machine Learning to remove noise and increase customer satisfaction by always delivering accurate search results and easing access to relevant content. Help customers drill down on their search results quickly and easily by using dynamic, intent-driven facets. Improve loyalty by providing effortless search experiences that will keep your buyers coming back.  

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Optimize costs while effectively engaging with your buyers

Cut down on your operating costs to win, serve and retain customers without sacrificing their experience. Empower your buyers with effortless self-service experiences. Save money from every deflected call or enquiry and decrease the time spent on routine order processing. Reduce return rates and order errors by ensuring all your content can easily be found on your website. 

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Harness customer insights to better sell and serve to your buyers

Information doesn’t equal insight. Coveo Usage Analytics captures behavioural patterns to inform your personalization roadmap and provides dashboards to extract actionable insights. Learn which products have lower clickthrough rates, or which queries return “no results”. Understand the intent behind your buyers’ searches and address content gaps. Run A/B tests and measure KPIs to determine the best strategy for optimizing every customer engagement and driving more revenue. 

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Unleash the value of an empowered workforce

Don't let digital innovation outpace your workforce. Empower your marketing, content and merchandise teams by providing them with an intuitive and user friendly interface. Give them more control by enabling them to tune the buyer’s experience, manage promotions and accommodate business requirements. Engage them by letting them test and learn to continuously improve business outcomes.
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AI-Powered Search & Recommendations Inside Salesforce

Deliver the most relevant content to your customers, partners and employees, whether to improve sales conversions, boost case deflection, or maximize agent productivity.

See how Coveo transforms the B2B commerce experience

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