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Type: Technology Partner
Company size: 50
Experience: Partner since 2019

Voicify is the market leader in voice experience management software that combines voice optimized content management, cross-platform deployment, and voice-specific customer insights.

The Voicify Conversation Experience Platform™ enables marketers to connect with their customers by creating highly engaging and personalized voice experiences that are automatically deployed to a broad array of voice platforms such as voice assistants (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana), chatbots and other services. The platform enables non-technical users to deploy feature-rich voice applications quickly and efficiently while offering the flexibility of unlimited customization.

Once brands have built and deployed a voice application on the Voicify Platform, brand authors can administer voice content within the Voicify Conversational Content Management System™. The Conversational Content Management System™ offers an intuitive interface that allows non-technical personnel to create, modify, and remove content for a voice application. This allows brands to create and maintain voice experiences that are more dynamic and engaging.

Service Specializations

Website,Ecommerce,Site search, Dealer Portals, Employee Self-service,Intranet Portals,Service, Communities, Partner Portals, Knowledge management intelligence

Technology Integrations

Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, Samsung Bixby


Boston (MA), New York City (NY), Seattle (WA)

Coveo & Voicify

Coveo & Voicify

Voicify uses the powerful intelligence of Coveo to bring enterprise search to conversational marketing.

Leverage the simple conversation experience platform of Voicify with the strength of Coveo's index to better deliver your brand to conversational channels across the board.

Voicify helps you deliver insights through:

  • Total usage metrics
  • Delineation by service
  • Missed intent capturing
  • Easy access to our analytics API
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