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Type: Agency
Company size: 120
Experience: Partner since 2017

RDA has over 30 years of application development expertise across many platforms to confidently modernize complex environments. RDA partners with Coveo to help companies design, architect, and implement modern intelligent search solutions that empower users to be more successful and deliver a winning customer experience. Our expertise across technologies and platforms enables us to seamlessly integrate intelligent search with a variety of enterprise applications to unlock the value of information to transform your business. As a longtime partner with Coveo, we collectively take the heavy lifting out of content personalization using intelligent search, predictive analytics, and machine learning.

RDA’s MVPs bring specialized expertise for all stages of the Coveo product life cycle - allowing our clients to be relevant at every touchpoint.

Service Specializations

Website,Site search, Communities, Partner Portals, Knowledge management intelligence,Employee Self-service,Intranet Portals


Philadelphia (PA), Washington (DC), Atlanta (GA), Baltimore (MD), Charlotte (NC)

RDA Has Been Engineering Digital Transformation For Over 30 Years

RDA Has Been Engineering Digital Transformation For Over 30 Years

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