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Computer Enterprises Inc

Type: System Integrator
Company size: 600
Experience: Partner since 2022
Computer Enterprises Inc. (CEI) is a proud minority-owned and privately-held enterprise committed to being a trusted services provider to our hundreds of clients and to promoting diversity in the workplace. With 20+ years of Digital Marketing experience in the financial, Healthcare, Retail, and CPG verticals we focus on listening to and understanding your challenges and business objectives so that a fit-for-purpose solution can be defined and implemented. When it comes to improving user experience and enhancing the customer search journey, we champion the capabilities provided by Coveo. Our Coveo-certified team of Architects and Developers has helped numerous clients implement solutions including but not limited to; multi-source cognitive search configuration, customized facet-driven search templates, and personalized search models to facilitate 1-to-1 marketing. Additionally, we have integrated Coveo with multiple digital platforms and applications such as Sitecore, Sitecore Ordercloud, Salesforce, WordPress, Kyruss, REST API, and, Azure Websites, and have leveraged standard APIs and developed custom pipelines to facilitate these engagements. Improve the Search Relevance and facilitate reduced content gaps with the Analytics. If your organization is looking to increase the capabilities of your Digital Experience Platform and to provide enhanced search capabilities to create engaging, omnichannel experiences that drive customer action, we are here to help.

Service Specializations

Site search,Marketplace search and discovery
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