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Type: Technology Partner
Company size: 30
Experience: Partner since 2018

Cognigy is a Düsseldorf, Germany, and San Francisco, USA, based Enterprise Software vendor for Self-Service Conversational AI automation.

It’s product Cognigy.AI is the leading Enterprise Conversational AI Platform for customer & employee support process automation. Available in both On-Premises and SaaS deployment, Cognigy.AI enables enterprises to connect to their users on any conversational channel, including chatbots, virtual assistants or phones. Cognigy.AI based chatbots and virtual assistants communicate effectively and intelligently with customers and employees:

  • Reduced call and email inquiries in customer service
  • Increase support efficiency whilst saving support costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing fast and frictionless experiences

  • By providing a Low-Code flow editor, Cognigy.AI allows both non-technical users and developers to build and manage complex interactions that go far beyond simple FAQs towards automating complex business processes.

    Cognigy.AI supports any Conversational Self-Service Automation application and can easily be integrated in Customer Service/ Support, IT-Helpdesk, Operations, Commerce, HR and Finance & Accounting to create an always accessible, outstanding user experience – increase user satisfaction - whilst saving costs and reducing time/ workload in customer service departments.

    Cognigy was recognized in 2018 as a Cool Vendor in “GARTNER’S COOL VENDORS IN AI FOR CONVERSATIONAL PLATFORMS” report. Its client portfolio includes Henkel, Dr. Oetker, Salzburg AG and Daimler.

    Service Specializations

    Ecommerce,Service,Knowledge management intelligence,Employee Self-service,Intranet Portals

    Technology Integrations

    Amazon Alexa, Google Cloud, RingCentral, Microsoft Azure, Twilio


    San Francisco (CA), Düsseldorf (DE)

    Coveo and Cognigy

    Coveo and Cognigy

    Cognigy enables Conversational Search -- a natural-language interface allowing users to discover relevant content in their own words. Conversational Search engages users on your websites and intranets by letting them interact with your business in the same way they interact with their friends and family. In customer support, this means higher deflection rates as customers interact with your knowledge base and take action all within a single chat interface. For commerce, users can discover products and move through the entire sales funnel on your website, your mobile app or through Cognigy's innovative web chat interface.
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