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April 2

Digital Leadership Through Crisis

The world has dramatically changed in the last 14 days. Businesses have to abruptly adapt to a new reality: an office-less workplace, agent-less service and store-less commerce. These changes are catalyzing business model obsolescence and accelerating the imperative to become a fully digital business.

This reality will fuel unprecedented digital rush, as well as cloud and AI adoption. As more businesses embrace these changes, the expectations will rise even higher for intelligent digital experiences in workplace, service and commerce. Join Louis Tetu, Coveo CEO and Chairman, and Jim Roth, Executive Vice President, Customer Support at Salesforce, for a conversation and update on digital leadership through crisis, the role of data and AI in the next experience economy and more.


April 9

Meeting the Digital Demand with Data and AI

In the span of a few short weeks, the entire world’s buying habits, service demands, and working patterns have been fundamentally shifted to digital. Even people who may have shunned ecommerce channels are now being forced to engage through them – as for many retailers, online is now their only channel. Service and support departments are scrambling to enable easier customer self-service, to ease pressure on their call centers. And workers across the globe are seeking help from their IT and HR teams, as they grapple with working-from-home regimens, and health coverage questions.

What can you do today to answer these demands? Join Coveo President, CTO and Co-founder, Laurent Simoneau as he explains how data and AI can help you scale up digital experiences across your enterprise to cope with this demand. Learn how to seamlessly harness business applications you’re already using like Salesforce, ServiceNow and Sitecore. Walk away with an approach to move quickly with Coveo and know how to apply these innovations in commerce, service and across your entire workplace.

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