Product Badging

Product badging is the use of graphics to direct attention to your products. You can highlight product attributes, promotions related to the product, or sales messages like “low stock,” “best-seller,” and “special edition.” Some studies have shown product badging to increase ecommerce conversion rates by as much as 55% (so you should absolutely implement this strategy on your storefront if you haven’t already).

What makes product badging work?

Product badging is an easy way for you to increase your ecommerce conversion rates through proven sales psychology.

  • Product attribute badges help your customers find the products they’re looking for. This is especially important if you have collections with many SKUs. By reducing the effort that it takes to identify what they want to buy, you increase the chances that your customers add items to their cart and complete their purchases.

  • Promotional badges leverage sales psychology to increase conversions on your products. By labelling a product with a discount, you’re tapping into powerful motivators like fear of missing out, scarcity, and the feeling of saving. Department stores are the perfect example of how well this strategy works.

  • Badges with sales messages are another great way to use sales psychology in your favour. Graphics with labels like “best-seller” can apply social proof to a product before your customers ever land on the product page. Other triggers you can use to boost conversion rates include urgency, scarcity, and increasing perceived value.

How can I implement product badging on my storefront?

With personalization technology, like Coveo’s ecommerce platform, it’s easy to implement custom product badging on your storefront. Click here for more information.

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