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Type: System Integrator
Coveo products:
Company size: 20
Experience: Partner since 2012

Fishtank Consulting know online experience. In fact, we’re an original Coveo certified system integrator.

We’ve always believed that there’s a better way to deliver relevant content to the right customers. A way that uses a relevancy platform to do the heavy lifting, where content authors no longer need to target, and users are getting the right content they’re after. We’re extremely passionate about it, and our mission is to empower everyone to be able to do the same.

At Fishtank, we specialize in using world-class technology to create unique digital experiences for your audience, that drive leads, convert customers, and ensure your visitors have a truly personalized experience with your brand. We’re excited to give everyone the opportunity to use Coveo to deliver a unique and relevant experience for your website visitors, intranet users and service staff. Our expanding team of professionals work exclusively with Coveo as our relevance search partner, to deliver world-class solutions to clients using a consultative approach.

Technology Integrations

Microsoft Azure, SAP, Adobe


Vancouver (BC)

Building Intelligent Websites with Sitecore and Coveo

Building Intelligent Websites with Sitecore and Coveo

Watch this Case Study in how our partner, Fishtank, implements Coveo on to give contextual relevance to its users.

We position Coveo as a relevancy engine, to seamlessly select the more relevant content automatically, taking the heavy lifting out of content personalization...

Dan Cruickshank
President of Fishtank

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