April 27, 2021 | Montreal, QC and Quebec City, QC

Coveo Offers Improved Relevance to Adobe Experience Manager

Coveo for Adobe enables businesses with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) sites to integrate AI-enabled search quickly creating frictionless, valuable, and relevant customer experiences. 

April 27, 2021 (Montreal, QC) -- Coveo, a leader in AI-powered relevance platforms that transform search, recommendations, and personalization within digital experiences, today announced Coveo for Adobe. The new offering brings improved search and discovery to Coveo’s customers that use Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) -- which include global brands like Dell Technologies, Motorola Solutions, Poly, and Vizio.  

Many organizations using AEM have relied on Apache Lucene and Solr to power search. These open source tools have required developers to spend hundreds of hours creating custom code and building ranking models from scratch to add advanced search functionality, such as query suggestions or synonym management. 

Coveo for Adobe offers a search replacement option that makes it easier for digital leaders and developers alike to bring AI to search. By combining pre-packaged machine learning models for site search, ecommerce, customer service, and the workplace, alongside a rich toolset of connectors and UI components, Coveo helps organizations quickly optimize their digital experiences, and the websites, portals and apps that define them. 

One company that has embraced AEM and Coveo is Poly. The result of a merger between Plantronics and Polycom, the firm had to reconcile multiple systems, content sources and a disparate vernacular for part numbers and product names.


“We needed a better and smarter way to deliver relevant content to our customers which consists of a mix of knowledge articles, community answers, documents and software releases ,” Ludwig Heil, Director, Support Capabilities Enablement at Poly said. “Coveo makes it easier to deliver what feels like a seamless search experience, even when behind the scenes we have multiple content sources, authoring tools and are in the midst of consolidating systems.”

About Coveo

Relevance is what creates winners in digital experiences. Coveo is a leading cloud-based AI-powered relevance platform. Coveo is the intelligence layer that injects relevance into digital experiences, with applied AI-driven solutions spanning intelligent search through recommendation and personalization solutions for ecommerce, service, and workplace.

Coveo is a trusted leader with world-class experience. Our AI powers relevant interactions for hundreds of the world’s most innovative brands including Tableau, Dell, Palo Alto Networks, Xero and Motorola Solutions. Coveo is supported by a network of accredited global partners, integrators and alliances, including Salesforce, ServiceNow, Sitecore, Accenture, Deloitte, and Ernst & Young.

Coveo is a trademark of Coveo Solutions, Inc.

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