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Intelligent Intranets and Knowledge Management

Coveo delivers transformative capabilities for organization that want to leverage information everywhere to empower staff to do things they couldn’t before.


Embrace the mess: Unify knowledge from anywhere

Like most companies, information within your organization is probably scattered across disparate systems, including a few surprise locations. Coveo can gather information from everywhere, any source, any silo, no matter how unstructured, and unify the relevant results in a single user interface.


Be more relevant for employees, every time

Every employee wants to be able to learn more, do more, and act with more autonomy. Empower your workforce by integrating the most relevant information directly into their daily workflows, so they can handle more complex work and become more proficient.


Nudge your employees in the right direction

Leverage the wisdom of your collective workforce for predictive insights, allowing a self-learning intelligent search to accurately predict the next best result based on behavioral data and past queries. In turn, Coveo can suggest to employees what information to look at or who to contact next.

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Our intranet with Coveo search has had a huge impact on the way Think employees work.

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