Knowledge Management

Coveo is committed to the success of our customers. This means we offer a variety of services to give customers the information they need to use our products in the most efficient way possible. Part of this is ensuring they have processes and practices working efficiently in conjunction with our product offerings.

Coveo Knowledge Assessment

Provides a thorough evaluation, summary of findings and recommendations pertaining to knowledge sharing and management practices within the organization

KCS® v6 Practices Workshop

A three day class designed to teach participants about the KCS v6 methodology with optional certification exam.

KCS® v6 Design Session

A customized three to five day workshop that helps organizations accomplish one of the first milestones of Phase 1 - Design and Planning in implementing KCS v6 practices

Business Advisory Services

Because Coveo is committed to the success of our customers, we want to ensure they get the most out of all the Coveo products they are using. Coveo Intelligence Search unifies structured knowledge throughout an organization and presents it in a single customer experience that gives users access to a variety of company-wide repositories. In order to maintain high standards and quality around knowledge management practices, this requires efficient processes and practices working in conjunction with all Coveo product offerings.

To help with this initiative Coveo has outlined a set of business advisory services that include helping customers:

  • Understand more about their knowledge sharing and management practices within their organization
  • Leverage their entire knowledge ecosystem
  • Create a knowledge sharing culture that supports and aligns with the organizational objectives

It starts with assessing the current state, then is followed by choosing a team of knowledge champions to go through Knowledge-Centered Service v6 SM practices training, and the final step is to establish a KM Adoption team to design and develop the required deliverables to implement the Knowledge-Centered Service v6 methodology.


KCS Benefits

KCS v6 SM is a methodology that integrates the creation and maintenance of knowledge into the problem solving process. This methodology has been developed through the collective experience of the members of the Consortium for Service Innovation. For more information about KCS and the Consortium visit the web site at

The benefits of implementing Knowledge-Centered Service v6 SM practices are compelling:

  • Improve efficiency, consistency, and capacity with regard to all knowledge requestor and responder interactions
  • Dramatically reduce time to proficiency (new people, new offerings)
  • Increase employee job satisfaction
  • Improve the customer experience with self-service
  • Identify potential business improvements based on the customer experience

KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™.

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