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Together, we build the technology behind the greatest digital experiences. Join our team of experts from all backgrounds sharing the same passion for AI and SaaS!

What it’s like to work at Coveo

Coveo is where you’ll meet super passionate individuals united by a desire to take challenges head-on and solve problems with real ingenuity. It’s where we come together to learn, grow, and accomplish the incredible.

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    Our employees are the makers of our company’s success. Every person has a crucial role to play in Coveo’s success – and you will too.

  • Take a new challenge at Coveo

    Nothing is impossible for those who try. If things work out, great! If they don’t, at least you’ll have learned something. True innovation involves risk-taking.

  • Team up at Coveo

    Good ideas come from all kinds of places. We want to hear what you have to say. Have an idea? Share it. It could be the start of something great.

  • Unlock your potential at Coveo

    Every day, get to work with smart, passionate people who continuously inspire you to do your best. Collaborating is a great way to learn and we’re all the better for it.

Take a new challenge at Coveo
Team up at Coveo
Unlock your potential at Coveo

We are an AI SaaS Leader specialized in Relevance 

But what do we mean by relevance?


Think about your best online experiences on a company's website, shopping or searching for a specific content. Whenever you find exactly and easily what you were looking for, there is an AI-powered technology behind that makes your experience seamless and brings to you relevant content - just for you.


This is the technology Coveo provides to companies across the world in a SaaS model.

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  • Today

    The Coveo Relevance Cloud

  • 2020

    Personalization as you go & intelligent case assist

  • 2019

    Unified journeys across Ecommerce, Service, & Workplace

  • 2018

    Intent detection

  • 2014

    AI-powered recommendations

  • 2012

    Multi-tenant cloud platform

  • 2011

    Native search in commercial business apps

  • 2010

    Contextual relevance

  • 2007

    Advanced indexing security

  • 2005

    Coveo was founded

How do we get to work

  • Work-life balance
    Flexible time-off policy & work hours, hybrid workplace and full coverage make it possible to have a real work-life balance while being a leader in our industry. We limit the time spent in meetings to increase productivity and prompt autonomy. We call it “cultivating excellence”.
  • All the tools you need to succeed
    Our offices are at the cutting edge of technology whether you are in Quebec City, Montreal, Weert, London, or connected from home. To deliver value, our employees have the final say in terms of computer equipment, programming languages and others!
  • A clear impact on our mission
    No matter what your role is, you are encouraged to take ownership on projects and be an integral part of our success. All of our teams have a clear mission and are recognized for the unique value they create.
  • Great people beyond the screen
    We deem innovation stems from diverse backgrounds and we ensure that individualities are celebrated and sustain the collective success. Our team consists of 750+ smart, passionate & empathetic experts from different backgrounds who elevate each other to raise the bar every day!

Looking for an internship?

Looking for an internship?

Every semester, Coveo welcomes students from all programs for internships in every department. Give your career a kickstart with real work, real impact, and great mentors.
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