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Three times a year, Coveo welcomes several students from various backgrounds. From programming to business students, this is your chance to put into practice what you learned in school in both an innovative and fun environment.

SaaS, Tech, Internships – Apply now to kickstart your career!

Why do an internship at Coveo?

Why do an internship at Coveo?

This is an opportunity to be part of a passionate and talented team working at the cutting edge of technology.

You should know: This is not our first rodeo! We have been welcoming and helping interns grow since 2008.

  • Projects to match your ambitions
    As an intern, you will be assigned concrete projects that contribute to the success of your team. At Coveo, there is no such things about spending time on projects that don’t go anywhere. We want you to have a rewarding experience that will truly contribute to your development and kickstart your career.
  • Mentoring that’ll get you a step ahead
    Coveo believes in supporting the next generation, passing on our knowledge and our best practices. This mentality is what guides the priorities of the person that will coach you!
  • Evolve in a dynamic environment
    What do all Coveo employees have in common? They are passionate about what they do! You’ll get many opportunities to collaborate and network with several members of our team through coffee chats, lunch and learns, 5@7… to name a few!

An internship in a technical team

An internship in a technical team

Want to help build or deploy a cutting-edge solution that has an impact on the digital experience of millions of users? Look no further!

Whether you practice as a software developer within our R&D teams, as a QA or as an implementation guru to our customers, you will be called upon to solve complex problems using tools at the cutting-edge of technology. Working on these concrete projects will level up your skills everyday!

SaaS, Tech, Internships – Apply now to kickstart your career!

An internship in a corporate team

An internship in a corporate team

You’re interested in learning the inner workings of a SaaS business? Look no further! When joining our corporate teams, you will be exposed to several concrete dimensions that are part of an organization like ours.

Whether it is to support our teams and internal activities or to contribute to our various development strategies, we certainly have an opportunity to match your ambitions!

SaaS, Tech, Internships – Apply now to kickstart your career!


Let’s get down to the nitty gritty…

We suggest that you carefully read all of our internship opportunities and apply to the one that best matches your current skill set and corresponds to those you wish to develop. You’re interested in several opportunities? We encourage you to apply to the ones that will help you grow and build your career!

We offer internships three times a year: winter, summer, and fall. The dates and periods of our internships are determined by school calendars to meet college and university students' availability.

The vast majority of our internships last 15 weeks. If you are studying in a CO-OP program we will respect your school dates as well.

For our R&D positions, there is only one step: an interview that lasts around 1h15 via videoconference. We seize this opportunity to get to know you better and discuss your background and projects. Part of the allotted time will also be devoted to covering technical topics.

For opportunities in all other departments, the process is often divided into two steps. The first step is a short call with our Campus Recruitment team followed by a second call with the team offering the internship. You'll meet several future colleagues as we love to get to know our interns early!

All our internships are full-time, which means 40 hours per week. Furthermore, almost all our internships are in-office.

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