If it were easy, someone else would have done it.

As a leader in the industry, we embrace challenges as they enable us to learn and sustain our culture of excellence. Our collective success is made of 750+ individuals’ passion and dedication to challenge the status quo. Every team’s objectives support the company’s mission and thus impact our global success and our customers’.

Discover our Teams

  • Customer Success
    From Customers’ onboarding to their success tracking, CSMs are the Customers’ biggest advocates and will make sure no stone is left unturned and that the customer maximizes the value they can get from Coveo.
  • General & Administration
    Our G&A department was built around the same vision: implement seamless operations that will support our growth without slowing it down. You will find really passionate Finances, HR and Legal teams here!
  • Information Technology and Systems
    Coveo being fully digital, it takes a village to build, maintain and optimize our digital workplace with the most modern technologies available while ensuring the best ROI for the company.
  • Marketing
    Our team brings to the market our solution and finds the right words to describe the complexity of what we do. Along with lead generation, they make sure Coveo has a brand and a market presence that truly matches our essence.
  • Professional Services
    These seasoned fullstack developers have a deep understanding of both product and business needs and they make the magic happen by implementing Coveo in our customers’ environments. You dream of working with the world’s most famous brands? Look no further.
  • Research and Development
    As a product-first company, R&D is the team behind our AI-powered solution and represents 40% of our employees. You'd like to develop cutting-edge solutions like GenAI that contribute to the success of world-renowned clients? This is the team for you!
  • Sales
    From developing strategic partnerships to prospecting and closing complex deals, this is the team at the forefront of our growth and bookings. You will even find developers here in support of our sales teams!
  • Technical Support
    Real experts of Coveo’s product for our customers, our Technical Support team is a real paradise for puzzle-solving and technology lovers!
  • Corporate Development
    This team made of analysts keeps track constantly of the market to remain aware of M&A opportunities that will add great technologies and talent to Coveo’ stack, on top of our organic growth.

"Join the Coveolife!"

The Coveolife is a mindset : we chose to become a leader in our industry which a path that is not easy. This is exactly what motivates me and why it is exciting.

The Coveolife is a way of working: we have the mind of a startup in the body of a scale-up. We remain agile and efficient and the we keep our eyes on the end-goal.

The Coveolife is a way of being: we behave with integrity and we are self-aware. Together, we create a space that allows everyone to bring their true self at work. I know I can put safely my talent and my individuality at the service of the collective success.

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