Security Governance Advisor - Contract Negotiation

  • Province of Québec (Canada)
  • Security
  • Full-time
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Interested in technology, SaaS products, cloud security and AI solutions? We have it all! 

Your responsibility as a frontline negotiator will be to work in close collaboration with the Coveo Legal Team to ensure that the data protection commitments we make to our customers align with the requirements of GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA and our internal security policies. There is no such thing as perfectly secure products: there are tradeoffs, and your job will be to find those “win-win” representations that satisfy both our customer’s requirements and do not force Coveo to reengineer its systems overnight. 

As a Cybersecurity Advisor, you will advocate legal and policy changes, and make a case on behalf of clients to maintain and improve Coveo's security posture and provide legally sound advice and recommendations to the leadership team and employees. 

There’s no typical day at Coveo, but here’s what could show up in your agenda:

  • You evaluate the impact of security changes in contract negotiations, regulations, policies, standards, or procedures. The legal counsel greatly values your input in light of specific security requirements to unpack as part of the latest negotiation round!
  • Your working knowledge of the organization's security controls and requirements you acquired makes you a point of reference about upcoming changes to the regulatory landscape.
  • Your capacity to advocate the organization's official security position in legal negotiations was key to reassuring a customer in the European Union about data transfers and disposal during a client call. The sales people give you a big shout out when the contract comes out clean! 
  • You transfer that knowledge and expertise into guidelines to adjust our Security Policies
  • The R&D and product teams are looking to bring an awesome AI-driven feature to the market. Your security analysis will guide them regarding compliance with security policies and relevant legal and regulatory requirements. Your advice was able to not only make the feature easier to comply with laws, but it also opened new opportunities.
  • You work in an agile manner to provide the information necessary to respond to the security questionnaires and participate in sales calls to represent our security posture.

What’s the minimal skills we expect from a candidate for this role?

  • Familiarity with industry standards and security certifications, such as SOC and ISO 27001.
  • Knowledge of cybersecurity and privacy principles.
  • Expertise about the operational and business impact of cybersecurity lapses

Any other assets you could have for the role?

  • 2-5 years of work experience related to cybersecurity, contract negotiation, or other relevant experience that can help you in facing the challenges above-mentioned. 
  • Knowledge of HIPAA Privacy Rule and HITECH

The Coveo Relevance Cloud connects to a plethora of enterprise systems to deliver relevance at every touchpoint. This access to data owned by our Customers in highly regulated industries means that Coveo has a duty to safeguard that information from malicious actors and to process that data in accordance with the requirements of applicable laws and standards. In other words: this is the major leagues!

If your background does not check every single box above, please consider applying. Experience comes in many forms, but passion goes a long way and skills are transferable.

We encourage all qualified candidates to apply regardless of, for example, age, gender, disability, gaps in CV, national or ethnic background.

We know that applying to a new role takes a lot of work and we truly value your time.

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Coveo makes business personal. Coveo uses AI technologies and intelligent search to personalize every digital experience for customers, partners, dealers, and employees. Coveo combines unified content, unified interactions behavioural data and machine learning to deliver relevant information and recommendations across every business interaction, making websites, e-commerce, contact centres and intranets efficient, effortless, content-rich, thus boosting conversion. Coveo is also embedded in many leading business applications from vendors including Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Sitecore, Xero and more.

If it were easy, someone else would have done it. All of our colleagues at Coveo find the drive to continuously seek new challenges and test roads no one else has ever explored. This ethos has allowed us to become a world leader in an innovative industry and to create a collaborative, diverse and trusting place to work filled with amazingly talented and passionate people. This is also why Coveo was named Employer of the year AND Company of the year 2019 by the Quebec Chamber of Commerce!

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