Product Manager - Core Security Features

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Security storytelling in the product chapter

At Coveo, cybersecurity issues are more than ever at the forefront since all our customers have made those a priority. Our exceptionally dedicated team is looking for the rare pearl with the technical skills necessary to understand the impact of new features development and the risks involved. 

Technical background is important, of course, but communication skills and influence are just as important. We need you to properly position the initiatives taken by security teams in the constant evolution of our products. 

You will prioritize and lead security efforts throughout the company fueled by customer requests, the governance team, the compliance team and using the tools developed by Security DevOps. This hybrid role between project and product management will give you the power of taking Coveo and the product to another level, in terms of security. Join us and allow us to raise the bar even higher!


There is no typical day at Coveo, but here is what you’ll be looking forward to:

  • Chances are you will start the day at a coffee station, one of many!
  • Once you've chosen the right elixir, you linger over your emails and prepare for your first follow-up meeting of the day. Your team has received a report on the progress of certain projects and this report highlights some potential problems (roadblocks) that you wanted to clarify and resolve. So you take the time to meet on this subject. After this important meeting, you will fill in the documentation which will allow the developers to continue to follow the modifications
  • Then you’ll meet Alex and Vince; who both have ideas for new features to present to the R&D teams following discussions with some of our biggest customers. They will give you time so that you can promote your team’s plans before finalizing their prioritization for the next sprint
  • Then take the time to lunch in our charming cafeteria. Perhaps you are participating in a Kanban lunch-and-learn? It may even be you who organized the whole event! How fun
  • In the afternoon, your team presents an important project on a change concerning our product platform that you managed from A to Z and which will help several new and old customers. The sales team provides you with key feedback from our customers regarding their user experience
  • You attend the meeting where the product managers are located to discuss the prioritization of certain major steps planned for the quarter
  • Your last task of the day: you make some virtual calls regarding the planning of future projects, and you answer the questions asked by your colleagues on Slack
  • Thinking about your day, you realize that time flies here ... typical at Coveo! The best part is that you feel like things are moving for real and everyone wants to go in the same direction. See you tomorrow!

Fueled by passion

Are you organized, empathetic and always in solution mode? Do you like working in a team and are you known for your leadership? Do you think the process is important, but can you also remain flexible when the context requires? Do you know how to speak to a development team as well as a less technical team? Are you not afraid of working on several initiatives at the same time? 

Personality is essential, but we will also be interested in:

  • Your 2-5 years of development experience and the other roles that you worked in
  • Your interest and specific experiences in information security
  • Your opinion on the agile methodology
  • Your bilingualism since you can make presentations in both English and French
  • Your ability to negotiate different priorities when it comes to product development
  • Your certifications ... we are curious to hear about it

Do you have what it takes? Is it a fit? You will be playing a key role in the security team strategy of the biggest AI company in Canada! Apply now, and join the #CoveoLife!

Coveo makes business personal. Coveo uses AI technologies and intelligent search to personalize every digital experience for customers, partners, dealers, and employees. Coveo combines unified content, unified interactions behavioural data and machine learning to deliver relevant information and recommendations across every business interaction, making websites, e-commerce, contact centres and intranets efficient, effortless, content-rich, thus boosting conversion. Coveo is also embedded in many leading business applications from vendors including Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Sitecore, Xero and more.

If it were easy, someone else would have done it. All of our colleagues at Coveo find the drive to continuously seek new challenges and test roads no one else has ever explored. This ethos has allowed us to become a world leader in an innovative industry and to create a collaborative, diverse and trusting place to work filled with amazingly talented and passionate people. This is also why Coveo was named Employer of the year AND Company of the year 2019 by the Quebec Chamber of Commerce!

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