Designer UX - User Experience

  • Montreal / Quebec City
  • Research and Development
  • Full-time
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Someone who is both creative and analytical ...

 Are you passionate about ergonomics and functionalities? Are you a user experience specialist? Are you curious and resourceful? Are you able to identify problems and come up with smart and innovative solutions that meet users' needs? Once you've designed a solution, no need for a PhD in software engineering to use it. Are you able to document and support your design choices with figures and credible research in order to assert your points? You are exactly what we are looking for!

The art of making a complex tool accessible to all

 We can develop the most powerful tool on earth: if only a few people can use it, what is the point? Coveo is actually one of the most advanced tools in the field of search engines for companies and artificial intelligence on the market, and with this performance, we want to be able to make it accessible to all of our users (who are numerous!)

 The role of our Designer UX is to be at the service of users. Beyond what our customers ask of us, and what our outstanding developers put in place, the main question for you is “Will our users understand how it works and easily succeed in doing it?”. If what you are looking for is a job in which you will only make models, we will unfortunately not be an employer of choice for you.

 A typical day:

  • Any day begins with good coffee! (or tea, we don't judge!). At the espresso machine, you have a small informal meeting with Kevin, from the Documentation team, to align your nomenclature for your Admin UI project
  • You sit down with Alexandre, your product manager, to discuss the evolution of functionalities of your product branch. The administrator platform is important, and the changes you have suggested to developers have been welcomed. YES!
  • Etienne sends you a message on Slack; he would like to have your input on the demo he just prepared for the Salesforce team, to have a new perspective
  • Dinner and / or group class at the Gym (The boxing class helps to clear up ideas!)
  • Your afternoon begins with the design team reviewing what you have done in the past week. To help you solve an interface problem, Olivier offers you a set-up that he has used for his solution that would work perfectly for what you are trying to do!
  • You go to the Lounge to brew up all the ideas you have received and had since the beginning of the day to put all of this in your model
  • If you have some extra time, you’ll take out some analytics reports that you requested, to help with your analyzes

In a few words...

Show us that you have a keen interest in design and user experience, whether through your experiences or through your studies in interface design. Like our team, you are passionate about design, you don't hesitate to share your knowledge and learn more and more about it. UX speaks to you because it allows you to reconcile your creative side with your empathetic side which helps making things contextually useful for others. You like to follow the trends and you are comfortable working with different design and prototyping tools like Sketch and Invision and you are not afraid to take out the classic paper / pencil. In addition, you must have an excellent ability to justify, popularize and synthesize your ideas.

Warning! A good sense of humor will be crucial to enjoy working with this team!

What is Coveo?

Coveo makes business personal. Coveo uses AI technologies and intelligent search to personalize every digital experience for customers, partners, dealers, and employees. Coveo combines unified content, unified interactions behavioural data and machine learning to deliver relevant information and recommendations across every business interaction, making websites, e-commerce, contact centres and intranets efficient, effortless, content-rich, thus boosting conversion. Coveo is also embedded in many leading business applications from vendors including Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Sitecore, Xero and more.

What is it like to work at Coveo?

If it were easy, someone else would have done it. All of our colleagues at Coveo find the drive to continuously seek new challenges and test roads no one else has ever explored. This ethos has allowed us to become a world leader in an innovative industry and to create a collaborative, diverse and trusting place to work filled with amazingly talented and passionate people. This is also why Coveo was named Employer of the year AND Company of the year 2019 by the Quebec Chamber of Commerce!