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Being told about how a service or product can have an impact for you by a salesperson is one thing. But seeing this solution in action within an environment similar to yours, how it relates to your other applications and basically, how it can bring value to you, is a totally different matter.

To be able to sell a complex solution like Coveo to potential customers, the best way to promote it is to show it, and demonstrate what it could actually bring to the end users. To do so, we need to create a state-of-the-art demo environment, maintain it and make sure you’re a few tweaks away from showing new features brought forward by the Product teams. These demos must also be able to adapt to all sorts of environments: after all, every company has different organisations, frameworks and setups too!

The Scout for the implementation team

As the Demo developer, you will be part of the Product team. What we want is for you to explore the systems of our potential customers, find the key points of their setups that we could pair with our platform, and use this information to create and develop the Front end part of the use cases our Sales team will want to explore. Of course, you will also insert our features in it to show how they can actually solve the hurt points of our soon-to-be clients, with some solutions that may require alot of creativity and innovation from you to make it fit in a POC. One thing is certain: By being on the front line of so many contexts and being exposed to so many different problems our features face, you will quickly become a very adaptable developer, but also a pro at showcasing our solutions!

You might want to know what a typical day looks like. The schedule is not steady (it really depends on the Sales cycles), but one thing is sure: you’re not relying on the Jira boards of other development teams! Here’s a quick preview: 

  • You start the morning with a good coffee in hand, and savor it while you read and learn a bit more about the new applications of the NLP models the Data Scientists teams have built for our CMS integrations. You note a few questions so you can get a better idea of how to use it in a presentation later.
  • One of our Sales Engineers updates you on a very specific request for a huge prospect for the Coveo for ServiceNow product. You go and look within your previous projects to find something that went  pretty much going in the same direction.
  • You scroll through your mails and Slack notifications to answer some questions: A Customer Success specialist wanted to know more about how we configure our demos, and also if our platform could actually be implemented in one of our customers' setup with some specs that might be a bit tricky.  You take the time to answer, and also use this occasion to review if the public documentation is up to date. 
  • Another Demo Developer needs a hand on a project for Coveo for Salesforce: he’s a bit less knowledgeable about the stacks used in his prospects’ environment, and your own past experiences can definitely save him some time and effort! (needless to say: you both know that when the time comes, he’ll do the exact same thing for you too!)

Is that the type of impact you want to have?

In such a context, it goes without saying that you will be required to be a top-tier element of our team.
To be successful, we expect from a person in this role to: 

  • Be resourceful and curious: The use cases will somewhat be similar, but each demo is different, and will require you to adapt and solve various issues.
  • Be familiar with Javascript (essential), but also in all sorts of other frameworks and techs. Typescript, React, Java, Python, Salesforce, ServiceNow and others of the kind are considered as assets that can be used at any given time!
  • Have an acute sense of quality in his work. After all, that work helps showcasing our products to customers. It has to have a certain standard of quality! Also, a Sales representative will be presenting it most of the time: a buggy or complex work will definitely send the wrong message when trying to impress the board of a prospect!
  • You love both the developing and business aspects of a product: seeing what is also done out there is part of what will drive and inspire your work.
  • Speaking french is not mandatory, but can be an asset! Bonjour!

So if you feel up for the task, let us know and apply for the role! We will be glad to discuss it with you, and see if you can help us step up our game!

What is Coveo?

Coveo makes business personal. Coveo uses AI technologies and intelligent search to personalize every digital experience for customers, partners, dealers, and employees. Coveo combines unified content, unified interactions behavioural data and machine learning to deliver relevant information and recommendations across every business interaction, making websites, e-commerce, contact centres and intranets efficient, effortless, content-rich, thus boosting conversion. Coveo is also embedded in many leading business applications from vendors including Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Sitecore, Xero and more.

What is it like to work at Coveo?

If it were easy, someone else would have done it. All of our colleagues at Coveo find the drive to continuously seek new challenges and test roads no one else has ever explored. This ethos has allowed us to become a world leader in an innovative industry and to create a collaborative, diverse and trusting place to work filled with amazingly talented and passionate people. This is also why Coveo was named Employer of the year AND Company of the year 2019 by the Quebec Chamber of Commerce!

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