UW Health

Enabling Care with AI-Powered Search

UW Health is an integrated health system of the University of Wisconsin- Madison, serving more than 600,000 patients each year with the help of 1,500 physicians and 16,500 staff, at six hospitals and more than 80 outpatient sites. As a nationally recognized health organization, its employees are constantly on a mission to save lives and improve the wellness of patients.

Its employees need a secure, scalable and easy-to-use intranet to provide the most efficient and effective care to patients. Front-line workers use “U-Connect” intranet to house more than 25,000 documents. For front-line workers that use shared workstations, the relevance of the content that U-Connect provides is paramount; bookmarking and complicated navigation menus will take too long.

When Google announced it was sunsetting Google Search Appliance, Noah Locke, manager of web development, implemented Coveo. Coveo Machine Learning accelerate the value of U-Connect by providing staff members with the contextually relevant content immediately. Watch the video of UW Health’s story to learn more about their journey, and in particular:

  • UW Health’s plans to extend relevance across their internal systems
  • Why and how UW Health reimagined their approach to relevance on their intranet
  • The key measures UW Health uses to measure the success of their intranet content strategy and experience
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