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Relevance Platforms: The Secret Ingredient for Your Tech Stack

A great digital experience is not that far away. And you don't need a ton of data to do it. Learn how you can deliver relevance for your users without re-platforming your tech stack. Learn more  with Nicolas Bordeleau, VP, Products and Vincent Bernard, Lead Solution Architect at Coveo.
Nicolas Bordeleau

VP, Products

Nicolas Bordeleau serves as VP Product at Coveo. With over 13 years of experience in the search and relevance industry, Nicolas has grown from a software developer, evolved to a product manager, and now oversees the Coveo for Sitecore and Coveo for Dynamics products development and strategy as VP of Products.

Nicolas has a keen understanding of developers’ needs related to search products and has applied this knowledge to developing award-winning solutions that fulfill those needs in innovative ways.

Nicolas received a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Sherbrooke University. He lives in Quebec with his wife and two children. In addition to his professional interests, Nicolas appreciates all things technology and enjoys sports, specifically skiing, snowboarding and cycling.

Vincent Bernard

Solution Architect at Coveo

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