Coveo Quantic Library for Salesforce Lightning Web Components

Now Salesforce devs can deploy superior AI search lightning fast

  • Automated, developer-friendly deployment
    We’ve automated most of the steps to deploy components in the Salesforce Lightning environment. This means no more time-consuming, error-prone deployments.
  • Headless framework is flexible, fast, and future-proof
    Lightweight, yet powerful search. Built on the Coveo Headless library, Coveo Quantic is composable while staying easy to tune and maintain.
  • Self-encapsulated for better code manageability
    You get more manageable code that’s easier to read, maintain, extend, and debug. Get the flexibility you want with the data integrity protection you need.
  • Unlocked packages organize your org
    Perfect for enterprises, benefit from a source-driven, “build once, deploy anywhere” approach. Add, remove, edit and track your metadata in your org, your way.

Yes, Coveo uses real AI and machine learning

Yes, Coveo uses real AI and machine learning

But you don’t need to be a data scientist to use it. The best part? You start seeing results on Day 1. Coveo ML immediately leverages user signals and usage analytics data to make personalized recommendations. These include Intelligent Term Detection (ITD), automatic relevance tuning, and more.
  • Delivers relevant search results
  • Proactive recommendations
  • Improved content relevancy

AI-powered customer service makes every leader's life easier

Tech leaders

Lightning fast deployment, in-depth documentation, and reuse code help your team stay agile. No wasted time managing tech debt or tuning.

Business leaders

Get more out of your Salesforce investment. With minimal time, energy, and commitment, you can provide a better experience than your competitors. And earn more business than them, too.

Achieve a 90%+ self-service success rate

Achieve a 90%+ self-service success rate

That’s what Salesforce themselves experienced after deploying Coveo. Pages loading faster. A search bar that actually gives your customers what they want. And content that answers questions they never knew they had. That’s what you need to grow loyal customers. And that’s what Coveo AI gives you.


Yes, Coveo Quantic is compatible with Lightning Web Runtime. Here are more answers:

Yes. Quantic is compatible with Lightning Web Runtime (LWR).

No. Quantic components rely on JavaScript await/async functions which are not currently supported by Lightning Web Security.

Quantic components aren’t meant to communicate with Coveo Lightning Aura components. As such, you can’t use a Quantic Standalone Search Box in conjunction with a Coveo Lightning Aura Full Search Page, for example.

You’ll need SFDX with a configured dev hub. Since you’ll use Quantic to assemble LWCs, and LWCs are meant to be managed in SFDX projects, you’ll need SFDX.


In addition, while it’s not strictly necessary, we recommend installing and configuring the Coveo for Salesforce package, since it can automatically take care of important steps at the search token authentication stage (see the first two steps of the Getting Started with Coveo for Salesforce Guide).

You can find a complete list of available components here. We’re always improving and adding more as we go. Your suggestions are always welcome so Coveo Quantic serves your purpose as best as possible.