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Product Updates

What’s new in Coveo

Increased relevance with enterprise level search software
New in Coveo



See how ML is working
Get detailed statistics around Coveo’s deep learning models so you can better understand how it’s working with candidates, performances or data sets.

Service and support


Learn about what’s new in Coveo for Service and Workplace in Spring ‘22

Service and support

Learn about what’s new in Coveo for Ecommerce in Spring ’22

More to explore

  • Coveo Level Up
    Upskill yourself on search. Access self-paced learning, join live events or get hands-on experience with an expert.
  • Coveo Connect
    Become a member of our customer community. Explore topics, connect with other leaders, or post a question.
  • Request a Demo
    See Coveo features in action with a personalized product tour. One of our experts can show you around.
  • Relevance 360
    Learn why the future of relevance is AI from experts building global brands – a must-see for DX leaders.
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