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Jeff Harling Shares How Zoom Scaled Support to Handle 100x Growth

Durée : 16 minutes

Building Profitable Customer Relationships Through Relevance

Jeff Harling, Head of Digital Support at Zoom Video Communications, joins Coveo CEO Louis Tetu to talk about how Zoom scaled its support to meet literally millions of customers' needs during Covid. Harling relates how leading enterprises are taking a holistic view of customer journeys. This helps maximize long-term value by acquiring, serving, and keeping customers happy, with relevant interactions throughout.

Here are some insights they explore:

  • How AI can provide insights on revenue opportunities within customer service and support
  • Why customer support isn’t the caboose on the train; (it’s an opportunity to understand customers better – and convert them)
  • What Zoom chose to prioritize - as it scaled to 100x growth during the pandemic
  • Why an AI-powered relevance platform is like the nervous system for customer experience
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