Coveo Slack Application

Enter the next generation of employee collaboration

Serve company-wide knowledge inside Slack to fuel teamwork and creativity. Help employees solve customer cases faster with AI-powered search and recommendations in their flow of work.

Find everything without leaving Slack

Find everything without leaving Slack

Employees now spend 10+ hours per week in Slack. Supply instant knowledge where they’re working to minimize context switching and keep them focused on building, solving and reducing bottlenecks.

Agile collaboration for the modern workplace

Agile collaboration for the modern workplace

Empower your teams to work asynchronously by making it easier to share knowledge in Slack. Perform company-wide searches with a single click, and share files and documents in channels and conversations instantly.

Enhance agent swarming with fast access to knowledge

Enhance agent swarming with fast access to knowledge

Keep support agents in the know as they swarm on customer cases. Serve relevant information in their flow of work to help them conquer the most complex of customer cases quickly.

Slack just got more powerful

For Employees

Make it easier for employees to find what they need without bouncing between platforms.

For support agents

Enhance agent swarming and customer care by quickly accessing relevant knowledge inside Slack channels.

A powerful search widget that delivers value quickly

Set it up in minutes

Employees can start searching across the company within minutes. They simply install the app and can start accessing enterprise-wide knowledge.

Perform company-wide searches quickly

Searches can be made with a single click or slash command. The Coveo search modal fits seamlessly into employees’ Slack workflow.

AI-powered personalization

Machine learning recommends content before employees even need to search – just like the full Coveo search experience.