Knowledge-Centered Service

Build a more resilient knowledge practice with AI

Meet the technology designed to fix findability, enhance knowledge sharing, and help you track performance across the service journey.

Reimagine service success with Coveo for Salesforce. Our KCS v6-aligned native integration lets you bring outside knowledge into Salesforce while giving you access to a host of AI-powered features that improve findability and knowledge sharing. Plus, you’ll get the search analytics you need to take your KCS implementation to the next level.

KCS Aligned

KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™

Find easily, solve faster

Find easily, solve faster

  • Improve your search success Offer the answer directly within search results. Detect user intent with AI. And start personalizing results in real time for each person based on context and past interactions.
  • Knowledge at your agents’ fingertips Let agents see a customer’s recent activity and recommend useful content based on case submission details and user profile – for better context and to accelerate resolution.
  • Recommend content proactively Recommend content proactively based on previous searches and interactions. Predict what your users need next, including customers, partners, and agents.

Evolve your content health seamlessly

Evolve your content health seamlessly

  • Easily improve, create, and review With Coveo, your agents and coaches can easily improve an existing article or create a new one. One-click actions keep team members in the flow of work, while access to a case knowledge overview.
  • Improve findability across channels Connect knowledge from a variety of sources and formats. Then bring it your most important channels, including websites, communities, chatbots, and more, with intelligent search and recommendations.
  • Measure your success Create custom dashboards to report on your top service metrics. Automatically keep track of content gaps, self-service success, search effectiveness, and more.

A great solution with an excellent team!

L’apprentissage machine de Coveo nous aide à créer et à améliorer automatiquement l’expérience de nos partenaires, sans que nous ayons besoin d’examiner les données analytiques et de manuellement régler le moteur de recherche. Jusqu’à maintenant, les résultats sont exceptionnels.

Adam Mullen Manager
KCS Programs & Support Process

KCS success with Coveo

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