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Why On-Site Search is the Best Investment You’ll Make in 2022

Stephen Rahal

Directeur, Marketing Produit chez Coveo

Great marketing is about expertise. Turn your brand into the expert in your niche through the creation of content and reap the rewards. But if you’re just optimizing your content for organic and paid traffic, you’re missing a key part of the equation - site search that converts.

Join Coveo’s Director of Product Marketing, Stephen Rahal, to learn tips and tricks for creating an onsite search strategy that helps you better understand each visit and optimize every interaction.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Educate your teams about the value of onsite search and why you need to invest now
  • Benchmark your site search and learn what capabilities are key to boosting conversion
  • Rethink how you design navigation and map user journeys with artificial intelligence
  • Start unifying your search and web analytics data to better understand customer intent.
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