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Successfully Replacing Adobe Search and Promote

Eric Immermann

Eric Immermann leads Perficient's Search practice. His team focuses on helping customers make content and data more accessible, increasing it's value and removing barriers that limit it's usability. With over a decade of experience in helping many of the worlds largest organizations architect, implement, manage and utilize their data repositories and related systems, Eric is always on the lookout to help others unlock the potential of their data.

Over the years, Eric has been leveraging Coveo in many innovative ways. He was directly involved in implementing Coveo for Site Search, Provider Search, Service Search, Enterprise Search, Sales Search and Commerce capacities using the entire Coveo platform. He also led the design and development of Perficient Handshake – a framework to enable easier implementation of 3rd party connectors, complete with security and in-line data transformation.

Stephen Rahal

Directeur, Marketing Produit chez Coveo

Jeffrey Poland

Director, Web Development

Many organizations using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) have relied on Apache Lucene and Solr to power search. These open source tools have required developers to spend hundreds of hours creating custom code and building ranking models from scratch. Adobe Search and Promote aimed to simplify search deployment and management, but is now end of life. Coveo for Adobe makes it easy to optimize site search. By combining machine learning alongside a rich toolset of connectors and UI components, organizations can quickly improve search and discovery across their sites, portals, and mobile apps. So whether you find yourself needing to migrate off of Search and Promote or are looking to maximize your search within AEM, watch our on-demand virtual event and hear first-hand from Cloudera about their journey to a better digital experience.

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