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Learning Series

Mastering Machine Learning: Part 2

Become a master of Machine Learning with this Learning Series. In this session, we'll focus on the Smart Snippets and Case Classification models

Jason Mlyniec

Directeur, Opérations sur le terrain, chez Coveo

Lipika Brahma

Architecte de la réussite client, Coveo

To help you improve your expertise on Coveo Machine Learning, we’ve put together a 3-part webinar series that focuses on the latest mechanics and models you need to master so that you can fully leverage all of Coveo’s Machine Learning features.


This session shines a spotlight on the following Machine Learning models - Smart Snippets and Case Classification. 

Smart Snippets models provide users with answers to their queries by displaying an excerpt from the most relevant result item directly on their results list. On the other hand, Case Classification models learn from support cases that have been correctly classified to provide classification suggestions on cases that haven’t yet been classified.

Watch this recording and get hands-on with:

  • Creating and managing a Smart Snippets model
  • Associating a Smart Snippets model with a Query Pipeline
  • Configuring Case Classification models


If you missed Part 1, we showed you how to assess if you’re ready for machine learning and how to validate your machine learning models. Check out the recording:

Mastering Machine Learning: Part 1

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