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Coveo Search & AI for Employee Experiences

Sami Helin

Global Account Director

Greg Laporte

Directeur, gestion de produit chez Coveo

Coveo allows your employees to find the information they need - right where they work - no matter where your content resides. Watch this product demo to learn how Coveo AI-Powered Search & Recommendations makes knowledge easy to find across your enterprise applications to help employees be effective, productive and empowered in their work.

You’ll learn how Coveo can help you build:

  • A personalized intranet portal that’s the go-to place for employees to find unified, relevant and personalized answers
  • Employee support experiences that drive self-service success with intelligent and proactive answers from HR and IT articles
  • Empowering experiences for help desk agents, with knowledge recommendations and line of sight into employees’ support actions
  • An informed understanding, through search analytics, of content gaps and emerging issues.
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