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Building A Solid Business Case for your Workplace Experience

Durée : 30 minutes

Presented by:

Rosalie Girard

Consultante Affaires, Analyse de valeur chez Coveo

Watch as our business value team walks through the measurable benefits of investing in intelligent digital employee experiences from self-service intranets and portals to internal help desks!

You’ll get a step-by-step approach to building a persuasive business case for modernizing your workplace, with a solid ROI framework to get your executive buy-in. You'll learn:

  • The tangible benefits that AI-powered search for employees has had in leading organizations such as Adobe
  • The metrics that really matter, and how to look at them in a holistic way to understand the trends happening across four workplace
  • The three main business outcomes of implementing relevance, personalization, and recommendations within your digital workplace
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