Relevance Report 2022: Service

Take the guesswork out of customer loyalty: Insights you can take to the bank

Pop quiz for customer service experts:

In 2022, which builds more customer loyalty?

A) A great contact center experience with quick, accurate, consistent agents.
B) A great self-service experience with quick, accurate, consistent information.

Answer: Trick question.

It’s C) None of the above. The real answer?

Spend less than 10 minutes reading this exclusive report to find out.

Then start transforming your customer service into a best-in-class experience. The kind that builds lifetime customer loyalty. The kind that wins awards. The kind you can bank on.

Inside these 13 insight-packed pages, you’ll uncover the hidden reasons why customers feel let down. You’ll be able to spot opportunities your competitors are missing out on. And, even start planning your strategy to capture the hearts, minds, and wallets of the people who’ll help you build a business that lasts for generations.

Some of the insights in this report include:

  • Exactly how many times you can disappoint your customers before they’ll leave you for good.
  • Two avoidable mistakes that are making customers lose patience with you – and drop you for your competitors.
  • What “ghosting” is and why it’s making it difficult for you to truly understand the most fundamental parts of your business.
  • The “dual pillars” of customer service and how they differ between Baby Boomers vs. Gen Z. (Hint: These two things are basically the exact opposite of each other. And you need to master both.)
  • Top three must-haves customers expect from your support agents: Speed, accuracy, and the third (often overlooked) one that might surprise you. (page x)
  • The missing link you need to understand about all your customers (regardless of channel) if you want to grow your enterprise.

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Here’s how you might be rubbing your customers the wrong way – and forcing them to switch to your competitors

  • 46%
    of customers rarely or never complain about bad experiences (that’s up from 44% last year).
  • 22%
    of customers would abandon a brand after getting conflicting information from agents.
  • 96%
    of people say a negative customer service experience affects whether or not they’d buy from that company again.

So, what’s the secret to customer loyalty
you can bank on?

A mysterious little thing we like to call “relevance”.

It’s what leading enterprises are prioritizing in 2022. But, in a very specific way.

When powered by AI, relevance is crucial for taking the guesswork out of customer loyalty.

Download the 2022 Service Relevance Report to discover exactly what relevance is before everyone else does.
And get a jump on the competition.

You won’t find this info anywhere else.

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