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Maximize conversions on your AEM site with AI-powered search

Personalized site search is pivotal to boosting conversion and creating positive engagement on your website. Coveo for Adobe sets you up for digital success.

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Coveo for Adobe helps you deliver the experience your website visitors expect. Coveo's self-learning, AI-powered search, personalization, and recommendations have helped dynamically improve UX, engagement, and conversions for many Adobe Experience Manager-powered websites.

This guide will give you detailed insight into site search best practices, tips on personalizing the user experience, and maximizing conversions with AI-powered site search.

You'll learn about:

  • The four search components that drive your digital experience and how to optimize them.
  • How to use your search box to connect purpose-driven visitors to content that converts instantly — and to view your customer's intent to curate strategic content.
  • Easily collect, analyze, and report on the essential search-related performance metrics.

Results from Coveo for Adobe customers with improved search experiences:

  • 95% homepage titles being search-driven on CMSWire.com
  • 54% increase in conversion rates for Acuity Brands
  • 30% decrease in zero-search result pages for Mathematica

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