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Coveo Virtual Partner Summit 2020
The Art of the Possible

An exclusive virtual event to ensure partners are keeping pace with all things Coveo. 

Through a series of short and focused sessions specifically curated for your reality as a Coveo partner, we will be empowering you with the tools and resources needed to help inspire and equip you to lead in an increasingly digital experience based marketplace. 

Get a comprehensive look at Coveo’s direction and product roadmap. Business experts will learn how to get Coveo to market faster, reach new buyers, and help their customers build resilience amidst turbulent market conditions. Technology experts will discover the true ingenuity of Coveo’s AI and Machine Learning models and the power of our platform approach, learn how our product roadmap has evolved and continues to change and, most importantly, explore new tools to allow for implementing Coveo quicker and easier.

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On the on-demand page, you will find the 4 following playlists: 

1. Keynotes & Customer Stories

2. Solutions Deep Dives (eCommerce, Service, Workforce)

3. Technical Track

  • Developer Support & Tools:Coveo 101 & Coveo Turbo
  • AI-Powered In-Product Experience
  • Headless Framework
  • AI Labs - Mind Reading as a Service
  • Creating Coveo POCs to Accelerate Your Sales Cycles
  • Demo Enablement

4. Commercial Track

  • How to Position Coveo to Your Customers
  • Investing in AI-Powered Search
  • The Shifting Competitive Landscape
  • Site Assessments as a Sales Value-Add Strategy
  • Scaling Your Coveo Practice
  • AI Labs - Business Value and ROI

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