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New in Coveo 2021: A Year in Review

Durée : 30 minutes

Nicolas Bordeleau

Vice President, Products, Coveo

Stephen Rahal

Directeur, Marketing Produit chez Coveo

Join us for this special edition of our virtual product updates during which we’ll look back at the most exciting updates to the Coveo platform from 2021, and share an exclusive sneak peek into our roadmap for 2022!

This session is for designers and developers, authors and administrators that collaborate on the web properties that form the foundation of your digital experiences. Whether you’re just getting started with Coveo or consider yourself a seasoned vet, we’ll take a closer look at some of the capabilities that can push your digital experiences forward, including how-to:

  • Leverage the power of headless or the simplicity of a browser extension to bring search and recommendations to your users, across touchpoints.
  • Tap into a growing family of machine learning models, a robust rules engine, and integrated A/B testing to automate how you tune, test and tailor search results.
  • Extend the platform with updates on developer tools, libraries and SDKs, and a new training community for self-paced and live events called Level Up.
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