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Learning Series

Mastering Machine Learning: Part 1

Become a master of Machine Learning with this Learning Series. In Part 1 you'll learn how to better optimize your machine learning models.

Jason Mlyniec

Directeur, Opérations sur le terrain, chez Coveo

Lipika Brahma

Architecte de la réussite client, Coveo

Now more than ever, Machine Learning has empowered us to build more relevant digital experiences for our customers and employees.

To help you improve your expertise on Coveo Machine Learning, we’ve put together another 3-part webinar series that focuses on the latest mechanics and models you need to master so that you can fully leverage all of Coveo’s Machine Learning features.

For the first webinar of the series, we will focus on:

  • Assessing when you are ready for machine learning
  • When and how to use Coveo’s Machine Learning models for multiple applications
  • Validating your Machine Learning models


If you missed our first 3-Part series on Machine Learning, we showed you how to activate, optimize and test your machine learning models. Check out the following recordings:

Setting Up Machine Learning: Part 1

Setting Up Machine Learning: Part 2

Setting Up Machine Learning: Part 3

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