Learning Series:

Optimizing Relevance Tuning: Part 1

Durée : 60 minutes

Presented by:

Jason Mlyniec

Directeur, Opérations sur le terrain, chez Coveo

Lipika Brahma

Architecte de la réussite client, Coveo

Kick off 2022 with a 3-part Learning Series that takes aim at tuning your Coveo solutions to deliver optimal performance and drive engaging and end-user experiences from the moment you take your solution live!

Our panel of experts will guide you through some simple to advanced Query Pipeline and Usage Analytics configurations to enable you to take control of your experience and visualize the fruits of your labor.

Part 1: Relevance Tuning for Advanced Enterprise Search

Join Coveo solutions experts in a session focusing on building ranking expressions and filter expressions within your query pipeline in order to optimize the search experience for your end users! This session will focus on simple search solutions such as Enterprise Search, Community Search, and Intranet applications.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to build expressions
  • When and why you would want to use certain rules
  • How to validate that your tunings are working and generating the expected results
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