Partner Demo Enablement & Coveo Demo Derby -- Service

Join us for the kickoff of 2020’s hottest ‘work-from-home’ digital event, Coveo’s Demo series! This educational, fun, and interactive series will help you to understand and leverage the key elements of Coveo to deliver a fantastic demo. May's Demo Derby will focus on Service Solutions.


What is a Demo Derby?

  • We are gathering our best Coveo Product Managers and our bravest Partners to demo their “quick pitch” in front of a live audience.
  • Participants on the webinar and a panelist of judges will vote for the best pitch… and the winners will receive trophies and prizes!

What's the enablement?

  • Following the Derby, Coveo Product Managers will provide enablement materials and coaching for all participants. Don't miss this opportunity to to make your Coveo pitches more crisp, clear, and inspiring.
  • A rich repository of resources to help you create your own Coveo demo.

Who are the experts?

  • Ezmie Bouchard - Product Manager, Coveo for Salesforce
  • Coco Deng-Kral - Sales Engineer
  • Michelle Mourani - Head of Salesforce SI Partnerships, AMER
  • Appearance from some special guests!


Excited to see you there!

Note: This will be a recorded event, some content might be repurposed and reused by Coveo for future projects.

Presented By:

Coco Deng-Kral

Sales Engineer - Coveo

Ezmie Bouchard

Product Manager at Coveo

Michelle Mourani

Head of Salesforce SI Partnerships at Coveo

Maxime Martin

Product Manager at Coveo