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Listen, Know, Be Relevant

What does it mean to compete against tech giants that deliver relevance in every interaction? Join Netflix CMO, Bozoma Saint John and Coveo Chairman and CEO, Louis Tetu as they discuss unheard signals, resiliency and how relevance is the key to success.

Bozoma Saint John, CMO of Netflix, and former Chief Brand Officer at Uber, has mastered the art of relevance: listening to pop culture signals and knowing what people want, sometimes before they even know it themselves. By tapping into these unheard signals, Bozoma has made the century’s hottest brands — Netflix, Uber and others — relevant, resilient and incredibly successful.
Listen to these two leaders have a comprehensive discussion about why relevance is the secret weapon to success in this experience economy.  Understand how to create relevance in all areas of your experiences - from marketing to commerce to workplace. Learn how the best leaders combine listening, data, AI and creativity to win.
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