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Financial Services Tech Report on Search and AI in 2023

Top 5 enterprise search challenges for financial institutions in 2023

Top 5 enterprise search challenges for financial institutions in 2023

  • Search investments continue — haphazardly. 97% of respondents said their organizations continue to invest in enterprise search capabilities. However, they're addressing singular issues — leaving them unable to deliver a unified digital customer experience.
  • Executive engagement is lacking. 99% of IT professionals in financial firms indicated that there’s a disconnect between the need for enterprise search capability and the business support received.
  • 96% struggle to find search talent. As intelligent search becomes key for digital transformation, the skills required to successfully run an enterprise search program continue to grow.
  • 100% report technical challenges. When it comes to enterprise search, information security is one of the biggest technical challenges financial institutions face. Protecting client data can't be ignored.
  • 99% are still manually tuning search. Despite FSIs customizing search results manually, they still don't let users find truly personalized results that match their user intent.

Building search within financial services organizations is not a silver bullet.

But when prioritized and centralized, intelligent search can transform both the employee and customer experience — get the free report to learn how!

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