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Why Site Search is Strategic in B2B Ecommerce

How AI search improves the B2B buyers journey

How AI search improves the B2B buyers journey

A modern site search solution for your B2B ecommerce website enables you to:

  • Offer a personalized search experience. Whether your buyer is new or returning, modern search lets buyers find the right product faster. This catered customer experience is possible through a combination of initial curation, keyword matching, and machine learning.
  • Handle a complex product catalog and custom pricing. Search can be complex for a B2B ecommerce website that hasn't adopted advanced technology. A modern site search platform should be able to use data from a CRM and ERP to tailor results according to custom catalogs — enabling personalized search.
  • Guide your buyers through their purchase. Modern search facilitates the B2B buying process by recommending products based on your customer’s previous purchases, or through educational content.

Discover all the benefits an AI-driven site search can bring to your ecommerce business — it's time to improve the digital commerce experience of your B2B website!

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