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Why Do Retail Banks Struggle With Search Relevance?

In COVID-19’s wake, digital transformation for financial services is paramount. Yet a majority struggle with providing great search in their customer service. We surveyed 100 self-identified financial services tech professionals to find out why, and offer solutions to those problems.

Why does search relevance matter in banking?

  • 96%
    of consumers say a negative experience affects whether or not they would buy from a firm again
  • 86%
    of finserv companies say their consumers expect search as good as Google’s

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • The biggest issue that still plagues most banking institutions – and why it still exists
  • Hesitations around implementing innovation and how to soothe them
  • That the biggest gap isn’t a technology or data hurdle
  • 4 tactics to use in your search relevance strategy and achieve higher conversions

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