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Turn Your CX Tech Stack Into a Profit Center

What If You Could Make Money With Your Call Center?

“If you’re only justifying your CX tech stack in [this] way, you’re short-changing yourself. And likely overlooking a huge payoff.
- John Goodman, customer service expert and author of Strategic Customer Service.

So, where are your justifications going wrong?
By focusing on cost-cutting.

When you’re obsessed with driving costs down, your CX tech isn’t optimized for generating revenue.
Because, yes, customer service can and should be a profit generator.

This misconception — that CX is purely a cost — has been rampant for decades. That’s because barely any enterprises realize the true potential of tech-injected customer service.

With the right insights, you can correlate dollar amounts directly to every action your customer service team takes.

You can find out exactly what needs optimizing. You can forecast with scary accuracy. And even build a customer service team that puts your competitors out of business.

In this exclusive workbook, Goodman shows you how any enterprise can turn from a cost center to a profit generator starting today. You’ll learn:

  • The completely avoidable reason why your customer loyalty could drop by 20% if you commit this easily-overlooked mistake (Page 3)
  • The formula a top fast food chain used to get a payoff of $30 million per year. Any enterprise can implement it starting today.
  • How to create “delighted”, loyal customers even if your product is inferior to your competitors — and charge a premium for it. (Page 12)
  • Why complaining customers are the key to growing your business profitably.
  • How one of the oldest forms of advertising, “word of mouth”, is still one of the best ways to increase revenue — to the tune of $6M per year, conservatively.
  • 5 actionable ways to get total buy-in on your customer service initiatives from your CFM and CMO, and position yourself as a CS genius in the process.

Win over your executives today

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