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Guide to Creating an AI Contact Center Experience in Salesforce

Insights you’ll get only from our 12-page guide:

Insights you’ll get only from our 12-page guide:

  • The 9 kinds of data (including customer behavior data) made viewable in a single pane with an agent assist-inspired Insight Panel (page 8).
  • Deciphering if your knowledge management program is working for your customer service agents and resulting in customer satisfaction (page 10).
  • Why empowering knowledge workers means using an AI solution to reach information outside of Salesforce (page 4).
  • You say hello to your agents everyday; that means you already have the data to personalize their experiences and empower agent performance. (page 6).

Customer experience and employee experience feed one another to create exceptional customer experiences. Creating an environment where your agents do their best work starts with one thing — a contact center AI solution. Download the ebook today to learn more.

Extend your agents’ training, put information right at their fingertips, and create an AI-powered contact center experience right inside your business data hub: Salesforce.

Download the guide today to learn more.

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