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NetApp leveraged Coveo's unified index to combine data sources during a merger and achieved an economy of scale built on AI-powered service experiences.

Coveo's unified index combined with AI and ML created a rich search experience for NetApp's customers, employees, and partners

Founded in 1992, NetApp has over 38,000 global customers across 100 worldwide offices. Their practice of never throwing anything away meant they had expansive knowledge reserves across legacy platforms that lacked flexibility.

NetApp needed a system that could quickly profile models and interactions to provide a better user experience.

The first step was migrating from on-prem to the cloud, but they also needed to unify search between teams.

NetApp also had sophisticated data segregation requirements based on privacy rules, permissions, and security standards which complicated the migration.

Finally, NetApp needed a less manual way of fine-tuning search results which required insight into how users experienced search results so they could address and anticipate issues.

Stitching 25 content sources together while respecting access control rules without blowing up one’s intranet is tricky. Find out how Coveo helped NetApp:

  • Create a seamless search index that supports customer and agent search experiences.
  • Draw content from over 25 sources.
  • Achieve a qualitatively superior search experience with increased intuitiveness, flexibility, and security.
  • Use analytics that enable them to optimize and act on search performance in real time.

NetApp’s qualitatively superior search experience helped them achieve a 4.5/5 CSAT Score.

Make Your Search Experience Relevant for All Users with Coveo’s Unified Index