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Type: Agence
Siège social:
Taille de l’entreprise: 150
Expérience: Partenaire depuis 2012

XCentium is an award-winning digital consultancy. We help clients align their technology strategy with business objectives, leverage technology excellence to deliver superior results, and engage customers through Digital Strategy, CMS, UI/UX, Salesforce, Commerce and Cloud. XCentium is proud to partner with Coveo to help clients drive intelligent and relevant search.


Commerce électronique,Sites Web,Portails pour concessionnaires,Employee Self-service,Recherche pour sites web,Portails pour partenaires,Intranets et gestion des connaissances,Intranet Portals,Sites Web, Communautés

Intégration de systèmes

Microsoft, Insite


Denver (CO), Dallas (TX), Minneapolis (MN), Chicago (IL), Washington (DC), Ville de New York (NY), Boston (MA)

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