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Type: Alliance stratégique
Siège social:
Taille de l’entreprise: 1000+
Expérience: Partenaire depuis 2018
ServiceNow brings self-help to the cloud. The company offers cloud-based software and services that help corporate IT organizations automate and integrate various enterprise technologies. Its main customers have been IT departments in financial services, IT services, and health care, among other industries. Customers also use its platform to create custom automation applications for themselves. ServiceNow's software works across operating systems, servers, networking equipment, PCs, and mobile devices to facilitate workflow automation, data consolidation, and administration of business processes. Beyond the IT department, ServiceNow has added services for human resources, customer relations, and security.

Accelerating Platform Adoption

Accelerating Platform Adoption

Understand how ServiceNow helps to accelerate platform success and create new business value.

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