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Factor applies information science to serve the complex information needs of your business and customers. From the systems that power your search experience to how customers navigate your product offerings, we know how to synthesize and integrate information to improve outcomes for your business. To improve Findability, User Experience and Search Outcome are key objectives of our customers.

Uniquely, Factor offers a Search Assessment POC - Proof Of Concept to ensure our customers can derive all of the benefits envisioned from their new Coveo deployment and aligned with all of the IA and User Experience requirements. All in a few short weeks; and proof that business objectives and ROI goals can be met.


Personnalisation de contenu,Commerce,Moteur de recherche pour sites Web,Portails pour concessionnaires, Communautés de clients, Portails de partenaires,Expérience intégrée,Enterprise Search, Employee Portals

Intégration de systèmes


Enterprise IA as a Foundational Component of Search Infrastructure

Enterprise IA as a Foundational Component of Search Infrastructure

In this webinar, Factor reviewed how to identify and address the information needs of a search project and roles of the technology, information, and user experience layers.

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