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Type: Partenaire technologique
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Taille de l’entreprise: 200
Expérience: Partenaire depuis 2020

commercetools is the world's leading platform provider for next-generation B2B and B2C commerce. Using the development building blocks and a true cloud platform for commerce in the digital age provided, brands, retailers and business sellers are able to immerse themselves into the “commerce everywhere” era.

commercetools’ headless, API-first approach is meant to help businesses improve brand value, meet new customer demands and stay ahead of the fast-moving market. The commercetools platform enables businesses and their teams to design unique and engaging customer experiences everywhere, across all touchpoints – with reduced development resources, faster time-to-market and increased flexibility. commercetools enables B2B and B2C commerce for over 250 multinational brands who are leaders of their industries and part of the Fortune 500.


Commerce électronique,Commerce B2C,Commerce B2B

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