15 septembre 2016 | New Orleans, LA

Coveo and Sitecore Innovations Accelerate and Transform Digital Experiences for eCommerce and All Websites

Cloud-based Intelligent Search, Product and Content Recommendations from Anywhere Are Now Simpler, Scalable and Self-learning for All Sitecore Websites, Including Sitecore Commerce

Coveo, a global leader in intelligent search and predictive insights, and Sitecore, the global leader in experience management software, announced that they are bringing to market new innovations that make digital experiences richer and more personal for all Sitecore websites faster, easier, more secure and scalable than ever before. The all-new Coveo for Sitecore Enterprise Cloud Edition, launched today from the Sitecore Symposium stage, features intelligent search- and machine learning-powered product and content recommendations for all Sitecore websites, and a new, native integration to Sitecore Commerce.

Coveo for Sitecore Enterprise Cloud Edition brings transformational customer experiences to all Sitecore customers and partners. Coveo Enterprise Cloud now provides the technology to push on-premise content to the Coveo cloud in real time, with elastic scalability and optimal security. Deep behavioral analytics inform machine-learning technologies which self-tune relevance and return predictive recommendations - for products, services, content, offers, and more - to offer the most contextually relevant content to visitors and shoppers.  The powerful, flexible combination of cloud scale, intelligent search, predictive analytics and machine learning technologies delivers richer personalization and more relevant product and content recommendations to transform digital customer engagement.

Now that Sitecore Commerce and Coveo Reveal, the industry’s leading app for predictive insights based on machine learning and analytics, are integrated, the new cloud offering enables ecommerce and enterprise websites to provide contextual, predictive recommendations based on the behavior of both the individual and all site visitors, faster and with more relevance and precision than ever before possible.

Related quotes

“Sitecore has been a strategic partner for years, and together we’ve created tremendous innovations. The launch of Coveo for Sitecore Enterprise Cloud is without question our greatest joint innovation,” said Louis Tetu, Coveo Chairman and CEO.

“Now, all Sitecore websites, including Sitecore Commerce sites, can immediately, easily and automatically start recommending the best products, services and content to each and every visitor, increasing site conversions and ecommerce sales. We worked closely with Sitecore product management on these innovations, and we are excited to bring our new Enterprise Cloud version to more than 300 joint customers and dozens of system integrator partners.”

“Consumers are far more demanding of the brands they buy from than ever before,” said Ryan Donovan, SVP, Product Management, Sitecore. “Sitecore is focused on helping brands deliver rich, contextualized shopping experiences for their consumers. Coveo helps make this possible.”

“Sitecore and Coveo have been close technology partners for years,” said Darren Guarnaccia, Sitecore EVP Customer Experience. “As we build an ever-tighter, end-to-end shopping experience on the Sitecore Experience Platform, we’re pleased that the two products work so well together now. The more relevant the content and offers that Coveo can make, the better conversions and outcomes our customers will see.”

Benefits for Sitecore Customers and Partners

Built on the Coveo Cloud Platform: With Coveo for Sitecore Enterprise Cloud, all Sitecore websites can push content to the cloud with elastic scalability and optimal security, and offer predictive recommendations for each and every visitor, in real time. Web developers and system integrators can build search-driven experiences using Coveo’s visual interface editor.

Auto-learning and auto-tuning relevance and recommendations: Coveo Reveal is the first and only cloud-based, self-learning intelligent search solution for Sitecore. It automatically learns from visitor behavior, tunes relevance and recommends the most relevant content and products for each visitor. Coveo Reveal ingests Coveo’s behavioral analytics and its machine-learning algorithms adjust to recommend exactly what is most relevant for each visitor, increasing ecommerce sales and website conversions.

Deep behavioral analytics: Coveo for Sitecore Enterprise Cloud Edition Analytics uncover what site visitors are looking for, track successful conversions and combine with Google Analytics to illustrate the entire customer journey. The Analytics feed Coveo Reveal, and dashboards explore relevance, content gaps, audiences and search sessions.

Broad connectivity for on-premise and cloud content sources: Coveo Enterprise Cloud Edition unifies on-premise and cloud content, securely in the cloud, so site visitors can access information from everywhere, with relevance.

Available for all Sitecore websites-and now including Sitecore Commerce sites.

A new, native integration with Sitecore Commerce allows ecommerce sites to leverage Coveo’s enterprise-grade relevance, connectivity and security. Plus, with Coveo Reveal, it offers the easiest and fastest to deploy predictive recommendations for every site visitor.

Free Trials

A free trial version of Coveo for Sitecore Enterprise Cloud Edition is available on Coveo.com.

À propos de Coveo

La meilleure information. Partout. En tout temps. Coveo permet à ses clients de livrer une expérience utilisateur intelligente aux clients, employés et partenaires, en consolidant les données d’une multitude de systèmes d’entreprise et en poussant des recommandations contextuelles. Reconnu comme un visionnaire et un leader dans la recherche intelligente en entreprise et les recommandations de contenu prédictives, Coveo rapporte de façon intelligente l’information la plus concrète et pertinente et ce, à travers des systèmes cloud et « on-premise ». Partenaire de plusieurs écosystèmes d’entreprise majeurs comme Salesforce, Sitecore et Microsoft, Coveo compte plus de 1,500 activations dans des organisations de moyenne et de grande taille et rend les sites web, applications CRM et de libre-service client, et les centres d’appels plus intelligents et efficaces.

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